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As the Senior Pastor of this church, called by God to oversee His Church in Valley Farms, it is my responsibility from God to seek the meekness of humility in obedience to Him as I care for, His little flock; God honoring; Saint loving; Reaching the lost;  Teaching His Word Without Compromise.

Community Christian Church of Valley Farms

"The proper place for a ship to be is in the water, but if the water gets into the ship, the ship will sink.  The proper place for the church is in the world, but if the 'world' gets into the church, the church will go down in disgrace."


Our Church

First and foremost, the purpose of The Community Christian Church of Valley Farms is to humbly and faithfully teach the Word of God without compromise. We are a Bible Believing Church, a body of believers who desire to become fully devoted followers of the Lord Jesus Christ.  We believe the Bible as our authority. We are dedicated to hearing from God's Word each Sunday morning. As we leave the Church, we seek to show through our testimony an accurate picture of the Lord God that our community would desire to know Christ as their personal Savior.

Although we are in the middle of a farming community we are not all farmers. Some families farm and many others are involved with other aspects of life.  A good number of our kids are active in FFA. That being said, our vocational makeup is much like that of large city churches. We have in our surrounding area; teachers, engineers, prison guards, people in the trades, small business owners. Some drive to Phoenix; San Tan Valley; and Tucson daily while others stay in the Coolidge; Florence; and the Valley Farms area; some are retirees.

The Community Christian Church is a friendly and loving church. We are not in a hurry to go home after the morning service. Reason! We like each other!


Responsibility/Authority of the Pastor

As the elder/pastor of this church, as the one called by God to oversee His Church in Valley Farms, it is my responsibility from God to seek the meekness of humility in obedience to Him as I care for, His little flock; God honoring; Saint loving; Reaching the lost; Teaching His Word without Compromise.

God saves people through the preaching of His Word, therefore... "How can they hear without a preacher?" --Romans 10:14


Our Worship Service 

Please join us on Sunday. Our worship service starts at 9:30 and you are welcome to join us after church as we meet at the American Legion in Coolidge for a late breakfast/brunch and fellowship. 





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P.O. Box 295

Valley Farms, AZ  85191

We are privileged to have you visit our website.  We invite you to take your time and browse by clicking on the side links to get to know us better.  We are happy to be here in the Coolidge/Valley Farms/Florence area, serving you as we serve the Lord.  You are invited to join us for fellowship on Sunday mornings at 9:30 a.m. in Valley Farms to celebrate Jesus Christ.  


                  Pastor Bill Perry and His Wife Kathy

I would like to start out by providing a little information about myself; before coming to Arizona I served the Lord for more than two decades as the pastor of churches in New England, New York, Mississippi, and North Dakota, and also served as pastoral counselor in Mississippi on the Katrina Recovery Team.

My wife Kathy has taught more than 20 years in public and Christian schools and has completed a MA in Church Administration, and a Ed. D. in Christian Education.

Todd Ovitt, Assistant Pastor, is a life long resident of the Coolidge/Florence area residing in Valley Farms.  Todd graduated from Coolidge High School and the University of Phoenix and is now working towards his Master of Divinity Degree from Newburgh Theological Seminary.

Fred Wilcox, Deacon/Board Member is a snowbird from the great state of Michigan.  He and his wife Sandra spend their winters in Florence.


What should I expect as a first-time guest at Community Christian Church?

Church service usually starts about 9:30 a.m.  As you make your way into the church, you will find a table to your right and someone waiting to hand you a program.  The program (bulletin) contains church news and events, a space for message notes, and the order of worship. Kids and students are encouraged to sit with their parents.

The service begins with hymns and praise music, leading the congregation in songs of worship.  Early in the service there will be a short break to allow you to meet and greet those around you.  Usually there are a few brief announcements of upcoming events and activities and then we continue singing a few more songs. We don’t pass an offering plate, but you have an opportunity to worship God with your financial offerings, a basket is placed near the bulletin/information table for your convenience, do not feel any pressure to give, that is between you and the Lord.  We are much more concerned about ministering to your spiritual needs than receiving an offering from you. The pastor will now deliver the teaching/ message for the week followed by a closing song.  The service typically concludes at 10:30 or a few minutes after, and the congregation is dismissed.  You are welcome to linger for fellowship conversation as you desire.

That's all there is to it!  Please join us as we'd love to have you with us!  When you visit, please be sure to fill out our guest register located on the back table.  This will allow us to learn a bit about you and enable us to send you a welcome letter.  We hope to see you soon!


Frequently asked questions: 

      Will I be welcome?      Absolutely, Yes!

Community Christian Church is a place where any person is welcome.  The apostle Paul tells us in that “There is no one righteous, not even one” (Romans 3:10).  We are all sinners, and can only be made worthy through the sacrifice that was made for us on the cross by Jesus.  God’s grace and mercy are intended for everyone.


      What should I wear?

We want you to feel comfortable.  You will see a range of dress, from business casual to jeans and T-shirts, you may even see a few suits or dresses.  Our goal is to give praise to and learn more about God in an authentic manner.

We look forward to a long lasting friendship serving you while serving the Lord here in the Valley Farms area.

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We ask for your prayers as the Lord directs our ministry.

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E-Mail:  PastorBill@westriv.com





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